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“Thank you for visiting my monthly blog where I share what motivates me to ensure school readiness, build strong futures and empower families living in the Treasure Valley!” Lori Fascilla, Executive Director

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Happy Friday everyone! Do you ever get a trove of these wonderful photos on your phones? Share your favorites with us! See MoreSee Less

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Don’t forget to come to our Parent Cafe! The kiddos will be watched and you can sit and talk with other parents and learn together how to help build a stronger family. Not sure that you can commit to all four or are unsure that this is something that you would benefit from? Attend the first workshop and see for yourself how wonderful this program is! See MoreSee Less

Parent Cafe

April 5, 2018, 6:00pm – May 17, 2018, 9:00pm

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Giraffe Laugh is hosting its first Parent Café of 2018! The intention of a Parent Café is to help parents understand, be aware of, and discuss the meaning of five research-based Protective Factors (Parental Resilience, Relationships, Knowledge, Support, and Communication) that are known to keep children and families safe and strong. Join us to learn about building a strong relationship with your child and join a supportive community network. To Sign Up, Contact; 208.954.5450 The event is free of charge. Suggested Donations of $10 accepted to cover the cost of childcare and dinner.

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Our centers rock! Yesterday was Down Syndrome Awareness day and to show our support Giraffe Laugh 2 wore crazy socks! See MoreSee Less

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8 days ago

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Vision 20/20

Strategic planning, evaluating, training and brainstorming describes the amazing things that happened at our board retreat this month. Our dedicated board members spent a Saturday together to plan for the future of our organization to better serve our children and families. Retiring members along with brand new were able to catch the excitement of this…

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Giraffe Laugh Announces Three New Board Members

4094 West Chinden Blvd Suite 100 Garden City, ID 83714 PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release For more information contact: Tina Leoncavallo Marketing & Volunteer Coordinator Giraffe Laugh 208-954-5457  ● Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Center Announces Three New Board Members Boise, ID (January 8, 2018) – Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Center announces the appointment…

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New Year And Another Chance To Get It Right

This time last year we were buried in over a foot of snow in Boise and struggling with whether or not to stay open due to weather conditions. It’s downright balmy right now, and the clear skies are hopefully a harbinger of good things to come for our kids and families in 2018. In 2018…

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The Spirit of Christmas Is Alive

December brings so much excitement for our little folks but often involves stress for the adults in their lives. At Giraffe Laugh we are fortunate to have so many incredible donors who “adopt” families for Christmas who cannot provide for their children in a traditional way during the holidays. Sometimes it’s a meal they need…

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The Season is Changing

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. It often means milder temps with less intense heat while holding the promise of cooler weather and holidays to come. The darkening of the leaves turns trees into nature’s compass. The north side turning red first, leaving the south side green and lush before they begin their ascent…

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From Lori’s Laptop – September 2017

September is reminiscent of school shopping, apples, fresh corn, crisper air and earlier night time. As we begin to settle in for fall weather, the heat of summertime still clings and reminds us of the lovely, lazy days behind us. This transition is beautiful in Boise as we have four distinct seasons, and moving from…

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My fondest memories are of being a little girl wearing my flip flops, my swimsuit, smelling of sunscreen sporting Popsicle fingers, and my perceived freedom from routine and parents. Recently when a group of adults were asked about their favorite summer memories as a child, inevitably they all included outdoor stories. They also included experiencing…

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From Lori’s Laptop – July 2017

“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.” Abraham Lincoln. July we celebrate all that America stands for and the pride we have in our country. As we instill in our children that pride, the words of Abraham Lincoln said…

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From Lori’s Laptop – June 2017

I’m so glad we now have teen dads at the Marian Pritchett High School who are parenting their little ones while going to school. 3 graduated just last month! Dads play such an important part in a child’s life and the opportunity to be involved early can make all the difference in their child’s life.…

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From Lori’s Laptop – May 2017

As a mother of three May is one of my favorite months. We don’t just celebrate Mother’s Day at my house but also my birthday and wedding anniversary. It’s one of the rare times that all eyes are on me; the daughter, the wife, the mom. We women tend to shift attention away from ourselves…

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