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Check in regularly to see where you’ll find us with our t-shirts next. We might be spreading the word about how important early childhood is or taking our kids out into the world for learning opportunities.

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Thank you, Connie Miller of Icon Credit Union, for teaching us how to keep drama out of our workplace so we can concentrate on what we do best! #empoweringfamilies #ensureschoolreadiness #nodramazoneđźš«âś‹ See MoreSee Less

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In 2005, Michelle started volunteering for Giraffe Laugh at the Hyde Park Street Fair. Things have come full circle for Michelle. Today, her two-year-old son attends Giraffe Laugh. "I love Giraffe Laugh’s ‘social work’ approach to child care supporting the whole family through food pantries, scholarships, parenting resources and a shoulder to lean on," says Michelle. Thanks for all you do, Michelle, and being our Volunteer of the Month! See MoreSee Less

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These are the shoes I wore on my first day at Giraffe Laugh. My mom, addicted to drugs, quit when she became pregnant with me. As an infant, my mom enrolled me in Giraffe Laugh while she returned to school to finish her education. The staff was so helpful giving my mom peace of mind and a variety of resources. I received lots of love and a quality education at Giraffe Laugh. These shoes are a reminder of when I crawled through Giraffe Laugh, and how far things have progressed. This fall I am walking into the college of my dreams. We are so grateful for Giraffe Laugh helping my mom get back on her feet and giving me a running start to life! -Anonymous Giraffe Laugh Child See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Thank you, @iconic_journey of @IconCreditUnion for teaching us how to have a #nodramazone🚫✋ so we can concentrate o…


From Lori’s Laptop – September 2017

September is reminiscent of school shopping, apples, fresh corn, crisper air and earlier night time. As we begin to settle in for fall weather, the heat of summertime still clings and reminds us of the lovely, lazy days behind us. This transition is beautiful in Boise as we have four distinct seasons, and moving from…

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My fondest memories are of being a little girl wearing my flip flops, my swimsuit, smelling of sunscreen sporting Popsicle fingers, and my perceived freedom from routine and parents. Recently when a group of adults were asked about their favorite summer memories as a child, inevitably they all included outdoor stories. They also included experiencing…

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From Lori’s Laptop – July 2017

“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.” Abraham Lincoln. July we celebrate all that America stands for and the pride we have in our country. As we instill in our children that pride, the words of Abraham Lincoln said…

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From Lori’s Laptop – June 2017

I’m so glad we now have teen dads at the Marian Pritchett High School who are parenting their little ones while going to school. 3 graduated just last month! Dads play such an important part in a child’s life and the opportunity to be involved early can make all the difference in their child’s life.…

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From Lori’s Laptop – May 2017

As a mother of three May is one of my favorite months. We don’t just celebrate Mother’s Day at my house but also my birthday and wedding anniversary. It’s one of the rare times that all eyes are on me; the daughter, the wife, the mom. We women tend to shift attention away from ourselves…

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From Lori’s Laptop – April 2017

April is Child Abuse Awareness month and I can’t think of a better way to start April than to announce that we are holding our very first Community CafĂ©. This CafĂ© is for parents and is the first in a series of guided conversations based on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework. It involves leadership…

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From Lori’s Laptop, March 2017

March brings the promise of spring and the luck o’ the Irish to our doors. As they say, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.” With spring comes new growth and it reminds us how quickly time flies especially as we watch our little ones emerge with new growth every time we…

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From Lori’s Laptop, February 2017

Welcome to the month of LOVE. One thing I love about this month is that it also sports the Early Childhood Legislative Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 8th. We will be down there with our kids in their T-shirts who will be participating in BLOCK Fest. This day is dedicated to young children…

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From Lori’s Laptop, January 2017

The promise of a new year is upon us and with it comes the knowledge that we all love new beginnings. It could be the new beginning of finding out one is pregnant. It could be the new beginning of a newborn and the gifts they bring to the world. It could be the new…

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From Lori’s Laptop, December 2016

The kindness and generosity of strangers is abundant this season. Having our Festival of Tree’s Tree donated back, having anxious families be “adopted” by generous donors to make Christmas dreams come true, having hunger abated with an abundance of food donated and packaged by loving people, having a group of actors put on a play…

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